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Welcome to
Global Network USA Marketing, Inc.


Processing & Customer Service Specialists for the
Counseling Industry


With 19 years of service supporting companies in the Debt Relief
Industry, Pharmaceuticals, and Nutraceuticals. GNUSA strives to
bring first class debt relief solution processing to you with confidence,
integrity and stability while supporting your clients with the best in
customer service along the way. Armed with the foundation and support of
GNUSA's Technology, IT Services and Processing capabilities, your
company can operate more efficiently, increase retention, support
sustainable growth and increase revenue.

We have brought together all the essential elements to create a
dynamic, results-oriented business model for our processing
clients. As a proven leader for many years, GNUSA has developed
a wide array of customized tools to effectively manage client
enrollment, lead tracking, document management, accounting and
bi-lingual customer service solutions.

Grow today by contacting us at 800-836-3068.